David Helwer graduated from the University of Kansas in 1978 with a B.F.A. in Painting. He worked for over 12 years in the textile industry as a jacquard textile designer and artist designing fabrics and creating motif imagery for home furnishings, the contract and hospitality markets, and for recreational vehicles.

He likes dogs.


  1. I am so glad you stopped by my blog so that I could discover yours! Am I correct that you are creating an ongoing graphic novel here? The art work is fantastic; a dark and gripping narrative, as far as I am able to glean in my first cursory visit. I will be back but have to get my teenage son to school.

    Btw, also some great books and quotes posted there. I’ve read all but one. Unusual to visit a page with Becker being quoted!

    Thank you again!


  2. When I looked at my stats, I thought ‘am I being stalked by the guy in the library… what guy?…which library?… then I followed the link and what a refreshing site of interestingness. Thank you for visiting! When I wear a hat I am invincible.


  3. Hello there Guy, Thank you for stopping by the blog, so glad to have stopped by yours. I’ll be checking on your work regularly. And I’ll probably go look up the Denial Of Death and The Evil Hours as well. Thanks.
    Have a friend who went to University of Kansas in Lawrence. Must visit some time as there seem to be some interesting people gathering there. (Her work is at http://www.ekbuckley.com or http://www.lawoffallingbodies.com, just cause you might like it.)


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